What does our offer include?

Our offer is very diverse, so that every person will surely find something for themselves.

We use only materials of the highest quality to create all the stalls. As a result, they impress not only their appearance, but also the quality of the workmanship. We know that potential customers pay attention to even the smallest details, so we can assure you that our stands were created with attention to every detail. We can propose exhibition and conference stands, fair stands and completely customized, original projects.

To meet the demands of all our customers, we have created a wide range of modern 3D models. They certainly stand out against others and leave nobody indifferent. All those looking for a reliable and trustworthy company for the creation of aesthetic and solid exhibition and conference stands, we warmly encourage you to familiarize yourself with our proposal.

Construction of modern exhibition stands

Fair stands are very much appreciated among many of our customers. It is worth knowing, however, that the possibilities of exposing the offer of the issuer to a large extent depend on the configuration layout of the given booth-precisely in this field is very good to check our market buildings. There are several basic forms of positioning the exhibition stands. Each of them is characterized by other advantages and disadvantages, which is reflected in the different prices of the rental space offered by the organizers of the fair. It was accepted that the places located on the ground floor are the most expensive.

Why you should be interested in the fair housing for various types of industry events taking place In Warszawa? Visitors to this type of space stay in constant contact with what surrounds them. Even if they consciously choose the purpose of meetings, or wandering around the fair, their thoughts run to spaces that stand out from others and are inspiring. It is, among other things, why it is worth taking care of the appropriate appearance of exhibition stands. A large proportion of these are used as the main building block of a painted carpentry or fiberboard. You can also create plywood stalls or wood-similar panels.

Individual exhibition stand – what is it?

Individual exhibition stands are a great way to stand out from others. It is worth knowing that system stands will not achieve such shapes and sizes, as is the case with individual customer orders. Also, visually, they may differ from the level they designate. The construction of fair stands is really diverse, and a lot of popularity is enjoyed by non-systemic stands, giving unlimited space to both graphic designers and designers. This makes it possible to create an unusual and elaborate stand with many different shapes.

Individual exhibition stand can take a variety of forms. Sometimes there are wooden, steel or unusual stands. Actually, any idea in the case of non-systemic stalls is achievable and they are able to achieve a much nicer and more interesting form compared with the booth built from the finished elements. This is why, among other things, companies with the right resources are more likely to decide on an individual stand design, created in a specialized graphic studio-they know that it is a solution that will be profitable.

Individual approach to your needs

There are many reasons why so many people decide to take advantage of our offer. Custom-designed stands have become extremely popular in connection with numerous exhibitions and fairs, which provide an excellent opportunity to establish closer relationships with potential customers. At ABC Media, customer satisfaction is our priority, so we strive to meet the expectations of the people ordering our exhibition stands every time.

Our specialists have the necessary knowledge and many years of experience to be able to provide you with services at the highest level. We operate reliably, efficiently and in a timely manner, which is why we boast a large number of positive opinions.

Interested only in the design of the booth? We will do it for you!

ABC Media has been creating professional exhibition stands in Warsaw for years and more. We have the necessary knowledge and very extensive experience to be able to provide services at the highest level. Our offer is addressed to the most demanding customers who are looking for solid, aesthetic and distinguished stands against others. We know how difficult it is to be noticed today, so every effort is made to ensure that our stands attract gaze and do not leave anyone inseparate. This is particularly important at trade fairs, which provide an excellent opportunity to establish new business knowledge and to draw customer attention.

We have already trusted many companies operating in different industries, awaiting a personalized project. We have collaborated with the General Directorate of National Roads and motorways, Volvo, Maltex, Tchibo, Lux-Pol, Mio, Fiat, Buszrem, Techmatik, Easy Times, Cognex and many others. For the production of stalls we used the highest quality materials, so they presented themselves delightively. They were spacious, visible and encouraged to interact with potential customers.

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